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In any society, the way a woman gives birth and the kind of care given to her and the baby points as sharply as an arrowhead to the key values of the culture. - Sheila Kitzinger, Women as Mothers
Three out of every four Americans becomes a parent, yet most have never really considered what having a "normal" birth means. Is a typical birth as experienced in the U.S. normal?

hospital birth
BORN IN THE U.S.A. provides an in-depth look at low-risk childbirth in America by presenting three different types of caregivers and settings: an obstetrician working at a teaching hospital, a licensed midwife attending home births, and a certified nurse-midwife bridging both worlds in an urban, out-of-hospital birth center.

By examining the culture of birth practices in America, BORN IN THE U.S.A. raises questions about technology, safety and quality of care, and it challenges parents to be proactive about getting the kind of care they want and need.

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