Jew in the Lotus

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Filmmaker Laurel Chiten's THE JEW IN THE LOTUS Web site


Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
Extensive overview of Jewish history uses links, articles and texts. Topics range from ancient history to present.

Jewish Community Online
Broad range of topics from news, arts & culture and education to hate crimes, intro to Judaism and personal ads. Database provides descriptions of thousands of Jewish Web sites.

Judaism 101
Online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, Kabbalah, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs. Includes search engine.

Kabbalah Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
When the Dalai Lama spoke to the Rabbis in Darmasala, he was fascinated by the prospect of angels. The belief in angels is part of Kabbalah, regarded as an esoteric offshoot of Judaism. This site provides a brief introduction.


Official Office of Tibet, Government in Exile
Includes news coverage, status of Tibet and information on Tibetan culture and the Dalai Lama.

Friends of Buddhism
Page focuses on Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Includes historic information, Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, messages and quotes.

Buddhism and Dzogchen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Concise answers to many common questions compiled by Lama Surya Das. Overview of Tibetan Buddhism includes reading list recommendations.

Tibetan Studies World Wide Web Virtual Library
Comprehensive resource on Tibetan Buddhism Tibetan Studies maintained by the Australian National University.

Tibet Information Network
An independent news and research service providing information
and analysis of developments in Tibet.


Rodger Kamenetz Web Site
Information on books by Kamenetz with links to Seders for Tibet Web sites.

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