A Colombian woman witnesses her family lose their memories and wonders if she will be next, not realizing she may hold the cure that medical researchers race to access.

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filmmaker Juliana Schatz Preston

Juliana Schatz Preston

Juliana Schatz Preston is a Colombian-American filmmaker. Her directorial debut, Los Comandos, was shortlisted for the 2019 Academy Awards. Her film, Waiting for Tearah, premiered at the Double Exposure Film Festival and was supported by ITVS, FRONTLINE, Firelight Media, Type Investigations and The Fund for Investigative Journalism.

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Waiting for Tearah

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The Film

A Colombian woman witnesses each member of her family lose their memory and wonders if she will be next. Unknowingly, she may hold the cure as medical researchers race against timeÑas well as historical and societal obstaclesÑto access the answer within her.