Exploring the depths of love, hopelessness isn’t an option for one family in Storming, who provide 24-hour care for their son nearing 10 years in a coma after a traumatic brain injury.

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Katrina Sorrentino

Katrina (she/her) is a commercial editor making her directorial debut in documentary filmmaking with Storming. She is a 2019 Chicken & Egg Fellow and 2021 Film Independent Documentary Lab Fellow. Seasoned in crafting ads and short stories, she now aims to tell character-driven stories focusing on nontraditional family units through documentary Show more film. Show less

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Tiffany Fisher-Love

Tiffany (she/her) is a producer who straddles the worlds of fiction and documentary. With a background in digital video work, she focuses her time on generating educational content, seeking to teach through storytelling. Tiffany was a 2021 Film Independent Documentary Lab Fellow and a 2022 Sundance Producer Intensive Fellow.

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The Film

After a debate amongst strangers escalates in 2009, twenty-year-old Ryan Diviney is found in a parking lot with a traumatic brain injury leading to a coma. 

Storming joins Ryan’s parents nine years after the diagnosis in their home in Ashburn, Virginia. Ryan is still in a coma and their basement now resembles an ICU. His father and full-time care partner, Ken, provides life-sustaining care for him after years of researching and designing an innovative treatment program, while his mother, Sue, works tirelessly to provide income and healthcare coverage for the family. In the hours following their son’s injury, doctors asked an urgent and impossible question: if they wanted to pull the respirator. Almost a decade later, they wonder if they are still doing everything they can for their child. With conflicting emotions about whether Ryan has the ability to return to consciousness, the couple navigates hope and grief, relying on each other to lead the way. Storming examines what it means to love deeply in the face of the unknown.