Ferguson Rises

Through a kaleidoscope of voices, Ferguson Rises explores grief and resilience in the aftermath of the killing of Black teenager Michael Brown Jr. by a white police officer.

Independent Lens
Premiere Date
November 8, 2021
90 minutes

Mobolaji Olambiwonnu

Mobolaji Olambiwonnu is a graduate of UCLA and AFI. He is the recipient of the Directors Guild of America Student Filmmaker Award. Besides freelance film work, Mobolaji has also worked in the fields of education, conflict resolution, and community organizing. His community-based experience is the conscience behind his work. Ferguson Rises is Show more Mobolaji’s first feature film. Show less

Executive Producer

David Oyelowo

David Oyelowo is an award-winning actor known for his role as Martin Luther King Jr. in the movie Selma and many other notable roles in film. His company Yoruba Saxon’s produced Nightingale (HBO), Captive (Paramount), A United Kingdom (Fox Searchlight), Come Away (Relativity Media), Five Nights In Maine (FilmRise), and The Water Man, directed by David Show more (Shiv Hans, Harpo, RLJE, Netflix) and Solitary (BRON Studios). Show less

Executive Producer

Kai Bowe

Kai Bowe is an award-winning producer and screenwriter known for production on television franchises including America’s Top Model and Project Runway. Bowe’s passion for documentary film led her to a Supervising Producer role for A&E’s LA Burning, and co-executive producer roles for Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath and Ferguson Rises.

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The Film

Before the explosive global uprising condemning the murder of George Floyd, there was a small town in Missouri that rose up in protest after the Aug 9, 2014 killing of Black teenager Michael Brown Jr. by a white police officer. It was this small town and its people that propelled Black Lives Matter to international prominence and inspired a new global civil rights movement. 

Ferguson Rises explores the depths of the aftermath and protests following Michael Brown Jr.’s killing through a wide range of community members: from Black and white residents to police officers, to business owners and those who chose to say "enough is enough" by taking to the streets for a record 400-plus days straight. This varied chorus of perspectives is interwoven with an intimate portrayal of a Black father’s grief and resilience that bears witness to the human capacity to find purpose within pain.