Silent Beauty

One woman’s attempt to heal from childhood sexual abuse evolves into a family’s journey of discovery, loss, and bonding—at once agonizing and beautiful.

Silent Beauty pub still
Independent Lens
Premiere Date
May 15, 2023
Funding Initiative
Open Call
  • Nominated laurels-r Created with Sketch.
    2022 New Orleans Film Festival-Special Jury Recognition: Louisiana Feature
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    2022 New Orleans Film Festival-Best Cinematography: Jury Award Winner – Louisiana Feature
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    2022 Indie Memphis Film Festival-Special Jury Mention for Revolutionary Cinema
  • Headshot of Jasmin Mara López

    Jasmin Mara López

    Jasmín Mara López is a journalist, audio producer, and documentary filmmaker based in New Orleans and Los Angeles. Born in the U.S. with familial roots in México, her childhood was affected by issues experienced on both sides of the U.S.- México border. This instilled in her a strong passion for immigrant rights, youth empowerment, and social change.

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    The Film

    Jasmin Mara López is a New Orleans-based journalist, audio producer, filmmaker—and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. In this autobiographical exploration of self and survivorship, she unabashedly shares her process of healing from events that take her back decades. Believing she had been the only victim of her grandfather Gilberto, Jasmin discloses her trauma to her large family and liberates others to come forward. What started as one woman’s brave attempt at confrontation and acceptance becomes an entire family’s multigenerational story of discovery and bonding—at once agonizing and beautiful.